The founders of this program built it on a philosophy that includes words like character, responsibility, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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What it means to be a Hawk

Hawks teams are comprised of the top players within the Hopewell Youth Baseball and other area programs. It is an increased commitment, and requires year around committment from the player and family. Hawks teams have Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer programming determined independently by each team. Fall programming will include practices and Sunday only tournaments. Winter programming includes indoor practices multiple times per week after Winter break. Spring/Summer programming will include multiple practices per week and 10-12 weekend tournaments (could be Fri-Sun). Many teams will also incoroporate strength, speed and agility training into their programming throughout portions of the year.

Advantages of the Hopewell Hawks Travel Program vs Other Programs

  1. Costs-The Hopewell Hawks program is more affordable for families than other programs, because we aren't trying to make a profit.  There is no nickel and diming to increase profits either. You get exactly what you pay for. This is an extension of the community based Recreation and Select programs that Hopewell offers, and we focus on player development and family experience over how to optimize our revenues and profits. You will receive everything other programs offer, while writing a check 1/3 or less of the size.
  2. Professional Coaching-All Hopewell travel teams have professional coaching included in their budgets.
  3. Facilites-Hopewell has dedicated indoor facilites and field time for our advanced teams. You will not practice with other teams, or be told how much you are allowed to practice.
  4. Scheduling-The Hopewell travel program allows familes and coaches to create a schedule that best fits the needs of the familes and players on their team. Teams have flexibility in scheduling their tournaments, practices, strength, speed and agility training, and any other activities they would like to do. This allows our travel teams to have an experience that best matches the needs of their team. 
  5. Junior Development Programs - Focused development programs aimed at keeping young players excited about the game, while still continuing their development. The game has seen an increase of young players participating in year around travel programs, subsequently combined with an increase in those players quitting before 13 years old at alarming rates. These programs are designed to provide all the positives, without the negatives young players experience with other approaches.

Hopewell will be offering multiple travel teams at certain age groups this year. For more information on team distinctions and levels around our advanced baseball promgramming, please review the information here.

To compete for a spot on one of the Hawks Travel teams at Hopewell, please complete the correct registration below: