The founders of this program built it on a philosophy that includes words like character, responsibility, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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Coaching Courses and Certification

  • NYSCA Online Clinic - Details provided to all coaches - Required by Hopewell
    • Overview of Benefits
    • One course required per season until all are completed - Advanced coaches only need to complete Select
      • Baseball Including T-Ball (6U/5U) Specific Section
      • Select (Advanced and Returning Coaches)
    • Mandatory Courses by City of Milton
      • Concussion training
      • Protecting Against Abuse Training
  • Babe-Ruth Courses - Similar to NYSCA - Not required by Hopewell
  • United States Sports Academy - Introduction to Coaching  - Not required by Hopewell
    • Free full coaching course for coaches that want to get more in depth on coaching.